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        After-sales service commitment

        For creating famous brand, enhances the enterprise well-knownness, the setting up enterprise image, we spirit of "pursuing high quality, all user satisfaction" of spirit, with "the most preferential price, the most attentive service, the most reliable product quality" principle to you solemnly promises:

    First, the product quality acceptance:
      Products manufacturing and testing are quality records and inspection documents. On product performance testing, we cordially invited users visit to product to undertake whole process, all performance examination, wait for product is confirmed after passing packing shipment. Again,

    Second, product prices commitment:
      In order to guarantee the product high reliability and sophistication, the system of material selection are chosen for domestic or international quality famous-brand products. In equal competition condition, I companies in not to reduce product technical performance, modify product components at the expense of the basis, the sincerity with the most preferential price provided to you.

    Three, delivery promises:
      Product delivery time: as far as possible according to the requirements of customers, if you have special requirement, we need was completed ahead, my company may be especially organize production, installation, strive to satisfy the needs of our clients.

    Four, after-sales service commitment:
      1, the service tenet: quick, decisive, considerate and thoroughly
      2, the service target: service quality to win customer satisfaction
      3, service efficiency: the warranty or the warranty as equipment malfunction, the supplier after being notified 24 hours can achieve the scene.

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    The organizer name: Jiangsu zhenMei packaging technology Co., LTD Filing license: Sue ICP prepare 19044489 number
    Electricity words: 0515-83233188 mobile: 15365709666 15365703188 preach true: 0515-83233188 E-mail: lyhchina369@163.com
    To address: dafeng city in jiangsu province xinfeng industrial clusters. 2 All rights reserved: xinfeng information technology group

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